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Dear customers and the guests of our site! Especially for you we have created the present service. Here you can put the questions interesting for you, submit your wishes and get current information about all the changes in the designing and construction process.
We have developed principally new innovative approach in relations with our customers, investors and partners. You can closely watch twenty-four-hour online the progress of the design concept, designing and the undergoing of government expert review.

The presentation (2D, 3D or 4D design) will be saved in your account. The virtual digital model of your object will be also created and visually showed the progress of designing by virtue of filling color of the model and additionally will be indicated the status of project divided into the sections in percentage terms.

All documentations of your object (contract with supplements, TR, considerations, remarks of expert report and answer to them of our specialists) will be saved in the separated folders.
We introduce the novel approach, where you can directly take part in the process of designing, because you will see the progress of process, which problems will appear and have close contact with every worker.

In case of your interest we are ready to give you an opportunity of construction progress control online by means of placing cameras on the building ground. Using any mobile device, you can watch by your own, show your partners and investors the progress of process on the building ground.
We will do everything for you to be pleased with the results!

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