About Company

LLC “Region Invest Group” was founded in 2013. Our company includes talented and energetic specialists of all spheres of construction: engineering, designing, construction, commissioning.

Our main advantage is the work performance “on a turnkey”: from searching and analysis of the parcel of land, construction costing and ending of commissioning.

LLC “Region Invest Group” has wide experience and possibilities for your object to be met the target date in workmanlike manner.

Our company runs successfully three lines:

  1. Complex design and construction management including technical supervision, commissioning;

  2. From 2D CAD to 3D-4D-BIM design and architecture of interiors, buildings and structures, the preparation of video presentations, high-grade object patternmaking;

  3. New construction and the repair of any degree of complexity.

In 2015 we were successfully attested and obtained all necessary permits for working in the Republic of Belarus. Since 2014 LLC “Region Invest Group” has worked under quality management system ISO 9001.

Since 2013 we have designed due to the highest world standards with using the latest innovation technologies: “Building Information Model” and VB (Virtual Building), electronic construction (e-construction)

Building Information Model (BIM) is:

  1. Taking specific design considerations: from land allocation to payback calculation;

  2. Highly qualified design documents creation, visual reports for customers (3D and 4D models) on the website in customer account.;

  3. Prediction of the object functional performance;

  4. Maximally accurate construction estimating and project execution plans in the earliest blueprint stages;

  5. Making an order and the production of work materials and equipment(maximally precise work material and equipment specifications on early projecting phases);

  6. Possibility to control the process of building online(the visualization of designing and construction process);

  7. Control and use of the building, jigs fixtures and tools during the entire life cycle(the visualization of building dilapidation, exploitation moments),

  8. Control of building as the object of commercial activity,

  9. Designing and control of rebuilding operation or building renovation,

  10. Demolition and utilization of building.

In menu “Customer Account” you can take part in the designing process online: put questions, get expert opinions, emendate and correct decisions, receive answers on your questions or expert opinion, as well as bring to the attention of business partners, prospective investors with the design progress in presentation mode.